The Pampered Pet School of Dog Grooming

DeWalt Professional Building

109 DeWalt Avenue

Pittsburgh, PA. 15227

Phone: 412-881-4744 Fax: 412-885-0211

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Grooming Curriculum

Groomers Assistant Program

Basic Program

Management Training Program








Groomers Assistant Program

1. Handling of dogs and cats

2. Mixing / Using shampoos

3. Identifying / treating skin problems

4. Treating animals for parasites

5. Fluff drying

6. Nail cutting and grinding

7. Ear cleaning

8. Tool maintenance

9. Combing, brushing and dematting

10. Breed Profiles

11. Teeth brushing






Basic Program

Both the Basic Program and The Management Training Program include the following pet grooming curriculum:

1. Tool and equipment usage

2. Care and maintenance of tools and equipment

3. AKC standards

4. Animal Structure

5. Shampoos - mixing and usage

6. Bathing

7. Fluff drying curly and straight coats

8. Anal glands

9. Skin problems: special shampoos, flea and tick treatments, special skin treatments

10. Animal control - handling and using muzzles

11. Nail cutting

12. Trimming pads and feet

13. Poodle feet

14. Ear cleaning and ear problems

15. Using clippers - blade sizes and lengths, clipper control and techniques

16. Scissors and scissoring techniques

17. Dematting and dematting tools 18. First aid

19. Rough cutting 20. Setting body patterns

21. Faces - clipping: poodle, terrier, spaniel and setter

22. Faces - combing: long haired breeds and mix breeds

23. Brush and bathe: short hair, long hair, double coat, and finishing touches

24. Breed profiles

25. Finish work : reclipping body, scissoring (hand), shaping and blending, straight coats, curly coats, legs, skirts, topknots, shaped heads, Bichon heads (round shaped heads), beards, and eyebrows, mustache, and getting the "right head on the right dog"

26. Finishing long coated dogs: trimming feet and skirt, parting, and bows

27. Creative grooming: mix breeds 28. Cat grooming (both long and short haired)

29. Small animal grooming is also included when available

30. Basic business procedures for a grooming shop

31. Teeth cleaning and brushing



Management Training Program


Our management training students receive an additional manual to supplement their extra time with us. We add the following curriculum to this extended program:

1. Basic accounting and bookkeeping

2. Public relation / advertising

3. How to open your own grooming shop

4. Suppliers / Distributors

5. Employee - Employer relations

6. Record keeping

7. Appointment setting / scheduling

8. Front desk procedures

9. Extra Income tactics

10. How to handle common problems