The Pampered Pet School of Dog Grooming

DeWalt Professional Building

109 DeWalt Avenue

Pittsburgh, PA. 15227

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Class Choices

100 hour Groomerís Assistant Program:

This program teaches an introduction to basic dog and cat grooming procedures and techniques. This is a program designed for the student who wishes to enter the job market as a pet bather, grooming preparation technician or groomer's assistant.

400 hour Basic Groomer Program:

This program is a comprehensive learning experience that teaches all breed dog and cat pet grooming with a small amount of business information. This program concentrates mostly on the grooming aspect of our field. However, it also encompasses information that any groomer should know when working in a grooming salon as an employee. See the curriculum section of this brochure for further information. 

520 hour Management Training Program:

This is our most intensive and comprehensive learning experience. It is designed specifically for the student who is interested in opening their own grooming salon or becoming grooming salon managers. The beginning of the program is identical to the Basic Program. In addition to that information, we add extra, invaluable grooming time to perfect and hone the skills you have acquired. This extra time with the animals will help to enhance your grooming speed, quality and organizational skills. This program also goes over how to set up and maintain a grooming salon in todayís market place. See the curriculum section of this brochure for further information.

100 hour Dog Training Program:

This program is designed for the student interested in training dogs for a living. It is also ideal for an established groomer to expand their existing business. Our instructor will take you through the basics using book, video and hands on technique. Since the course is a short introductory one, we suggest working as a trainerís understudy when finished while working your way into your own business. This program gives the student an excellent foundation from which to begin a new career. See the curriculum section of this brochure for further information.




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