The Pampered Pet School of Dog Grooming

DeWalt Professional Building

109 DeWalt Avenue

Pittsburgh, PA. 15227

Phone: 412-881-4744 Fax: 412-885-0211

Please call to schedule a tour of our facility.

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Pet grooming is a very unique profession. It is a very physically demanding job. There are several qualities a successful groomer possesses that will be useful to them: patience, professionalism, dedication and a love for animals. We understand this and allow new students a chance to ease into this new and exciting career. In saying this we hope you understand that we do not accept subpar work or an indifferent attitude. Please make it a point to give us your all for the time that youíre with us Ė it will truly allow us to do so much more for you and your new career.

Please make sure you have toured our facility before making your final decision. Pet Grooming is not always what people expect. We do love working with the animals, but it is more than petting and cuddling them each day. There is a time limit of how long a pet can be handled, so work must be done in an efficient manner. It is imperative that each student learn to complete work orders assigned to them.  Most of our day is spent getting down to business and making sure our job gets done. We are working to complete tasks. It must be remembered that the pets we handle are treated ethically. Working on each pet should be a respected opportunity as they are living creatures that are not your property. Touring and watching a typical day in the life of a groomer is a valuable way to see if this career is right for you. We donít want to mislead anyone into thinking this is something that it isnít. Itís hard, sometimes dirty work. Itís also rewarding to see the fruits of your labor when a pet is finished and proudly going home looking great. We welcome your visits and tours!


PPSDG requires a high school diploma for enrollment; the following items are acceptable evidence.

         A copy of a high school diploma

         A copy of a final, official high school transcript that includes the date of graduation

         A copy of a Commonwealth Secondary School Diploma (GED test, HiSET exam, or College Credit Option)

         An official academic transcript from an accredited higher education institution indicating the courses attempted

If the student is unable to present the above credentials, the student is encouraged to complete a Commonwealth Secondary School Diploma option recognized by the Pennsylvania Department of Education.


On graduation day, students that have successfully completed their programs will be awarded a PPSDG diploma which is signed by our CEO, Joseph Venturella. It will bear the official PPSDG raised seal and the title of the program completed along with the date.