The Pampered Pet School of Dog Grooming

DeWalt Professional Building

109 DeWalt Avenue

Pittsburgh, PA. 15227

Phone: 412-881-4744 Fax: 412-885-0211

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Tools and texts

A tool and text kit is provided for all programs. This is by no means all-inclusive. This tool kit is more than sufficient for any student to complete any dog or cat grooming. The kit is meant to prepare you to complete the program and begin grooming or training anywhere. Just he aware that there are a lot of other brand names and different equipment out on the market that you may want to add to your beginner kit later.

Our grooming tool and text kits include the following:

Oster or Andis single speed clippers, 12 clipper blades, slicker brush, utility scissor, coarse comb, fine comb, greyhound comb, nail clippers, quick stop, ear powder, hemostats, rake, straight shears, curved shears, protective eyewear, ear plugs, face mask, grooming smock, latex gloves, choker chain, hair dryer, All Breed Dog text, PPSDG manual, tool box.

Our training tool and text kit includes the following:

Haltie collars from size 0-5, slip collars from sizes 6”-26”, cotton web training leads sized 15’ and 30’, 2 leather training leads, small slicker brush, large slicker brush, guillotine nail clippers, plier nail clippers, quick stop, spray bottle, animal control lead —size 3’, size 2, 3 and 4 muzzles, tool box, protective eye wear, ear plugs, face mask, latex gloves and 3 training and dog reference books.



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