The Pampered Pet School of Dog Grooming

DeWalt Professional Building

109 DeWalt Avenue

Pittsburgh, PA. 15227

Phone: 412-881-4744 Fax: 412-885-0211

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Teaching the art of professional pet grooming for over 39 years.

The Pampered Pet School of Dog Grooming programs were developed in 1966. The original program was a four-week course designed to train stylists for our own salon. Research involving meetings with dog breeders and trainers was then begun as a result. All these years later we have perfected several courses designed to enable animal loving persons to enter the job force successfully. Hands on training combined with classroom, video and bookwork have helped to make our four courses what they are today. In addition to our outlined plans, we also enjoy guest speakers from the industry whenever possible.

School Philosophy

Our mission has always been to provide the skills needed to enter the job market of pet grooming and dog training successfully. Although our graduates leave as beginners, they have enjoyed an outrageous amount of success. Many of our graduates have opened their own businesses directly out of school. It is our conviction that every person is entitled to an education and professional opportunity. We believe that pet grooming and dog training are lucrative career choices for those interested in working with animals. We take pride in the high standards we have set for our school and all of those who choose to attend. This standard is maintained not only in the training we offer, but the skills they take with them and enhance during the rest of their career. We can offer these opportunities to the students who have a serious attitude towards their training and allow us to do our job. This training that we offer can he a base for any dedicated person to begin a new life doing a job they love.